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A digital library of links to journals, magazines and newsletters covering library & information science related topics and concerns.


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Some articles may be in pdf format. Click on the Get Adobe Acrobat Reader icon link if you need their free download of this software.

Mission Statement:  To provide a centralized location with links to library/information science topics, concerns & issues. 

Collection Policy/Scope:  

Overview: As a digital library consisting of links to Web resources, this collection is intended to benefit and be of interest to librarians and graduate students working on their MLS or MILS by gathering and organizing links to a variety of online journals, e-journals, magazines, and newsletters covering library/information science related topics, concerns & issues. 

Parameters of collection: Links to full text online journals, e-journals, online magazines, online newsletters covering information/library science relevant topics will be included. Links will also be provided to online journal/magazine resources that do not provide much or any full text, but do provide free access to bibliographic information and abstracts of journal articles since this can also be of use to MLS students. Both research and more general information (but library related) resources will be included in the collection. Web sites with significant links or collection of library related articles may also be included.

Responsibility for collection development: Selection responsibility rests with the Webmaster of this site (M. Parry). 

Guidelines for selection:

  • Select items useful to librarians as well as graduate students working on their MLS, MIS, IS, etc. 

  • Try to provide sources reflecting various points of views.

  • Select items found in standard lists and catalogs if available in online format.

  • Select items noted and verified as peer-reviewed.

  • Include some sites if library articles meeting guidelines are accessible or collected within the site

Maintenance: Links and listings will be checked quarterly (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct) regarding link viability. 

Questions or comments regarding this site? Email mparry1 at oswego dot edu

Last updated: 07/16/06

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