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This website was initially created as part of my project for the ILS655 Digital Libraries course offered online by Southern Connecticut State University and taught by Dr. Yan Liu. It was created using MicroSoft FrontPage. I continued working on this as my special project for several reasons. First, it forces me to take time to continue to build my web skills. Using FrontPage has convinced me I need to learn more HTML. While FrontPage is a useful timesaver, knowing more of the code facilitates troubleshooting when the software writes an odd bit of code here or there. 

I believe this project has the potential to be truly useful to other distance- learning MLS and MILS students. While the online databases at Buley Library are the initial source Southern Connecticut State University students should consider using, and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) from a local library is a resource that every student should utilize, I've found that there are also useful and scholarly online journals, magazines and newsletters. For those of us who are physically distant from Southern Connecticut State University, the potential for additional, organized, online resources can be very helpful. And, in talking with online classmates it is apparent that time is frequently the commodity we have the least of, and yet is the most needed. By locating reliable web resources and gathering those links, other students' time can be spent searching for specific information rather than first using so much time hunting around on the Web. Of course, this site cannot possibly be considered all-inclusive. 

My intent is for this to be a useful resource pointing MLS and MILS graduate students toward a few of the many useful, informative, generalist and scholarly sources regarding library/information science that are available on the Web. Not all are available without subscription, but there are some journals, magazines and newsletters that make all or a portion of their full text articles available to everyone. Others, while not allowing full text access without subscription, make a point of allowing access to bibliographic information and abstracts - valuable information resources. [It's also worth reading through the subscription information - some give students a discounted price.] 

There are separate scholarly papers regarding information science and library-related topics and concerns that are available on the Web. In addition, symposium and conference sites frequently have overviews of presentations, PowerPoint slides regarding presentations, and sometimes full-text papers (or abstracts) available. Regrettably but realistically, at this time, trying to track those down and include links to them is beyond my capability, and thus, are excluded from the current collection policy.

In creating and expanding this site, I have